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"Angus is a one-of-a-kind product thinker that is able to combine insights across design, engineering, strategy, and marketing into top-tier holistic product strategy recommendations. Spending time with him has truly leveled up our executive team’s thought process."
Dennis Thankachan |  CEO & Founder, Lightyear.ai
"Angus is a 10th Dan black belt in product vision and strategy with unparalleled product experience. His vision and strategy skills will help you see around corners and accelerate your business out of them. His extensive network has helped me and my digital health startup out of tight spots with some tech giants and into strong relationships with others, adding hundreds of thousands of dollars in real, measurable value.
Frayne Cook  |  CEO & Founder, Well Revolution
"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Angus and can attest to his outstanding leadership skills and ability to drive results. He has a unique talent for empowering product teams to collaborate effectively and deliver exceptional results."
James Novak  |  CEO, Zoovu.com
"Working with Bodhi venture labs has been an invaluable experience for us. Angus
insights and dedication have played a pivotal role in shaping our product vision, refining our strategy, and fostering collaboration among our team. We are grateful to have him on board."
Pat Huang  |  SVP of Product, Axion Ray
“Angus has been instrumental in guiding Sembly.ai's founders towards their most important goals. His experience, intensity, and ability to effectively communicate and shape strategy has had a unique and powerful impact on the company's relationship with customers and potential investors”
Gil Makleff  |  CEO & Founder, Sembly.ai
“The Bodhi Venture Labs team have been patient and thoughtful in interpreting our needs as an early-stage startup. They have provided invaluable advice as we navigate our strategy and execute our business plan. Angus' experience in the industry is unparalleled, and his willingness to share knowledge with us has been incredibly helpful.”
Raimund Wasner  |  CEO & Founder, Bithoop.com

Fueling Product Magic, Empowering Visionaries, Crafting Excellence

We empower Product and Business leaders with best-practice Product management and Product marketing disciplines. We help them model those best practices, and then lead them down a path to execution and self-sufficiency.

Angus Norton


“I started Bodhi Venture Labs after spending three decades working for some of the most successful companies on the planet. I knew what I had learned needed to be shared. As a product and business advisor I have met numerous leaders who knew what wanted to do,  but lacked the knowledge and experience to make it happen"

- Angus Norton, CEO and founder.

Bodhi Venture Labs is the trusted partner for product leaders. We provide guidance and expertise to envision, strategize, develop, and ship products at scale. Our goal is to equip product teams with the knowledge and best practices in Product Management and Product Marketing to create exceptional customer experiences.

I have held senior Chief Product Officer roles, and Vice President and General Manager level roles at some of the worlds most iconic Technology companies, such as Sony, Microsoft, Xero, Amazon, and Cisco. With three decades of experience at these successful companies, I founded Bodhi Venture Labs to bridge the gap between vision and execution. As a trusted advisor, I help founders and executives with strategic initiatives, providing hands-on support at every stage of building and sustaining a business. My expertise in developing high-performing Product teams and customer-centric products enables businesses to thrive.

During my tenure running Product teams over the years, I coined the term "full-stack product manager" These leaders have the ability to look from left to right across the skills needed to run a business and have held senior roles across almost every aspect of building products and delivering business results.

I help leaders build high-performing full-stack Product teams, efficiently deploy resources, and develop robust customer-centric products that deliver value. My experience has taught me that product teams need more than just a great product. Leaders sometimes need help designing the right mindset, structure, and processes for great products to develop into durable, sustained businesses.

Anyone can create a successful product or service with the proper guidance and assistance. No matter what stage or size of business you are in, I would love to be your go-to resource for getting your idea off the ground and creating a successful business.


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